Picking apart the 100 best current NFL players (91-100)

I’m sure you have all heard of NFL Netowrk’s new top 100 players of 2011 show by now. The players vote for the best players of today, and I was inspired to make a list of my own. Here’s my reaction to the list.

100. Donovan McNabb, QB, Redskins (unranked on my list): There’s no way a player that gets benched in favor of Rex Grossman is one of the top one hundred current players. This isn’t a list of the best active players, it’s a list of the best current players.

99. Chad Clifton, OT, Packers (92nd on my list): A rock solid left tackle. He belongs towards the bottom of this list.

98. Darren McFadden, RB, Raiders (unranked on my list): A very talented player who just missed the cut on my list. If he had one more productive year under his belt, I would be more sold on him going forward.

97. Shaun Phillips, OLB, Chargers (unranked on my list): A solid player who just doesn’t stand out in a league filled with remarkable pass rushers. I have no complaints about his inclusion on the list.

96. Nick Collins, S, Packers (95th on my list): A very good young safety who’s right around where he should be.

95. John Beason, ILB, Panthers (unranked on my list): Beason is a bright spot on an awful Carolina team. He’s definitely on the top 150 list, but isn’t truly elite.

94. Frank Gore, RB, 49ers (80th on my list): An explosive but well-rounded back who certainly has earned his spot on the list as he has carried a perennially poor San Francisco squad.

93. Eric Berry, S, Chiefs (unranked on my list): I’ll be the first to admit that I only watched one or two Chiefs games this year, but I still think that other guys like Brandon Meriweather, Chris Harris, and Louis Delmas are more worthy of making the list.

92. Lance Briggs, OLB, Bears (unranked on my list): I just don’t think Briggs ever became an elite player. He’s very good, but I’d rather have Chad Greenway or David Harris on the list.

91. Terrell Owens, WR, Bengals (unranked on my list): Owens is still a very good player, and would have been the 102nd player on my list.

My list (91-100)

100. Dwayne Bowe, WR, Chiefs

99. Peyton Hillis, RB, Browns

98. Cameron Wake, OLB, Dolphins

97. Carl Nicks, G, Saints

96. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers

95. Nick Collins, S, Packers

94. Kellen Winslow Jr., TE, Buccaneers

93. Jonathan Stewart, RB, Panthers

92. Chad Clifton, OT, Packers

91. Cullen Jenkins, DE, Packers

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