Potential trade destinations for Kevin Kolb

Right now, I’d put the chances of Kevin Kolb being traded at around 30%. Nevertheless, it’s fun to speculate and the Eagles need to at least explore what they can get for him. I’m worried that the Eagles will be too demanding though. They don’t seem to be willing to part with him unless they can net two first rounders for him. That appears doubtful at this point. However, he has shown flashes of being a franchise passer (23/29, 326 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT in a victory against Atlanta) this season. Excluding the season finale, where Kolb was surrounded by reserves, the fourth year man went 2-1 in games he started and finished, threw for an average of 270 yards per game and had a 5:3 touchdown to interception ratio.

The Eagles have been adamant about receiving two first round picks for Kolb, but they insisted on a first rounder for Donovan McNabb before settling for a second, so I don’t believe that this is set in stone. When Atlanta traded Matt Schaub to Houston, who was less experienced and proven than Kolb is now, the Falcons moved up two slots in round 1 and received two second round picks. According to the draft pick value chart, that ensemble of selections is approximately equivalent to a selection between 12 and 18 overall. Based on that, the Eagles should be able to receive around 1300 or 1400 points for Kolb, which could be something like the 9th overall selection or a swapping of first round picks and two additional second round picks.

Now that the Eagles know Kolb’s value, they will need to explore their options as far as trading partners go. To me, only three teams make sense.

San Francisco, who holds the number 7 and 45 overall selections in the draft, feels like they will be in the playoff hunt with a superstar head coach in Jim Harbaugh and a new quarterback. They have a good, young offensive line to protect Kolb, no young potential franchise passers on the roster (assuming Troy Smith leaves, which is likely), a solid running game, and talented targets in Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore out of the backfield. San Francisco, if they like what they see in Kolb, would be willing to surrender a top 10 selection for him under the right circumstances.

Eagles get: 7 overall, 45 overall, 2012 2nd round selection

49ers get: 23 overall, Kevin Kolb, 2012 conditional mid/late round selection

Tennessee is done with Vince Young, and with Kerry Collins entering probably his last NFL season, the Titans will need a long-term solution at quarterback. Bud Adams, with a great offensive line, Chris Johnson, and some talent out at receiver, knows he cannot allow the offense to sputter in Young’s absence. He may be the most desperate owner to trade for Kolb, and the Eagles may be able to get the best deal with the Tennessee franchise. The Titans own the 8 and 39 slots. The downside to this trade would be that Philly would likely get stuck with Vince Young, unless the Eagles think he can be a very effective and emotionally stable backup to Michael Vick.

Eagles get: 8 overall, 39 overall, Vince Young, 2012 4th round selection

Titans get: Kevin Kolb, 23 overall

Minnesota is the final potential landing spot for Kolb. Tarvaris Jackson does not seem to be the answer, and the Vikings simply have too much talent to waste by not coming into the season with a quarterback at the helm of their team. The Vikings do have a lot of holes to fill, however, and may be more willing to give up future selections and gain ones that the Eagles have in the current draft. With Kolb, the Vikings should feel like they are ready to contend for a playoff spot.

Eagles get: 12 overall, 2012 1st round selection

Vikings get: Kevin Kolb, 54 overall, 2011 4th round selection, 2012 conditional 3rd round selection

If I were the Eagles, I would definitely pull the trigger if I was offered a top 12 selection for Kolb straight up. There, the Eagles would be in position to select an offensive lineman such as Colorado’s Nate Solder or USC’s Tyron Smith or a linebacker such as UCLA’s Akeem Ayers. More logically, they would trade back into the late teens or twenties and pick up an extra late second rounder in the process. Then, they would have four selections in the top 64. Enough of my venting, the bottom line is that the Eagles need to know what they can get for Kolb inside and out in case a team like the 49ers misses out on Blaine Gabbert and panics. This situation is one the Eagles can benefit from immensely, and this organization cannot let any opportunities slip through their fingertips.

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