Jeff Owens Promoted

Jeff Owens, one of the Eagles’ seventh round picks, has been added to the 53 man roster. Despite having four good tackles on the roster in Mike Patterson, Antonio Dixon, Brodrick Bunkley, and Trevor Laws, the Eagles made the move after they placed safety Nate Allen on injured reserve. Philly pulled the trigger not because they needed another defensive lineman in the rotation, but because they feared another team would swoop in and grab Owens to sign them on their active roster. It’s not often that a rookie seventh round pick is so highly sought after, especially considering that the Eagles have allowed players such as current Rams receiver Danny Amendola to be snatched from their practice squad.

Jeff Owens is what comes to mind when you think of the prototype for an Eagle defensive tackle. Short, squatty, and powerful. At only 6’1″ but a substantial 305 pounds, Owens benched 225 pounds more than any other defender at the Combine earlier this year with an astonishing 44 reps. He is known as jovial, extroverted loudmouth who was named to be the “Personality of the SEC”. He also received a Senior Bowl invite. His strengths lie in his run stuffing abilities, and to see the field he will need to polish his pass rush moves. However, he seems to have the physical attributes to be effective at this level and is a perfect fit for this scheme. The Eagles obviously have plans for him, and don’t be surprised to see him take over as the seventh or eighth defensive lineman for the birds.

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